No rivalry here: Brother, sister boat racing team become one on the water

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A brother-sister duo is making waves in the high-speed boat racing world, and this weekend off the shores of St. Pete Beach, they'll show their talent in the 3 Daughters Brewing: Race the Gulf races.

Sam Coleman is the pilot of the Geico boat and sister Daisy is the navigator, but Coleman said being behind the wheel doesn't mean he's in charge.

“She's the boss in the boat. I’m just a puppet with a pedal and steering wheel,” said Sam Coleman. “Our relationship is very good in the boat. We've developed a language between pilot and copilot. It's really easy to understand.”

This is the third year the for the annual event and some big-money sponsors have already bought in.

“Geico insurance is massive. It’s synonymous with powerboat racing and motorsports as a whole, so we're super proud to be here,” Daisy said.

That means some of the world's top racers will be there, too.

Come race time, they’ll hit speeds of nearly 80 miles an hour.

“It is kind of like driving a sports car across a plowed field,” Sam described. "So Daisy's job is absolutely key cause she's my eyes and ears."

This weekend’s races take place all day Saturday and Sunday. VIP seating is available and it’s free to watch from the beach.  

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