Non-profit gives food baskets to kids of struggling families

A small act of kindness is helping struggling families get back on their feet.

Gina Wilkins has always believed in kindness. The former architect founded The Kind Mouse when the recession hit in 2008.

"From when I was a little girl. I always went for, as they use to call it, the underdog," Wilkins said. "I saw good people having problems. I just knew something, inside me, I had to do something and I just felt like God steered me into The Kind Mouse."

The grassroots, non-profit supplies food baskets for children whose families are going through a tough time.

"No child should be hungry," said Wilkins. "It's just the most disgusting thing in the world to me. If we can feed them and give them hope, let's go for it."

The name of the organization has special meaning for her.

"The Kind Mouse comes from the day that I was born. My father named me Mouse," she said.

Her organization had a small beginning but now has big results.

"We started, like I said, out of my house, feeding five children," Wilkins explained. "Last year alone, we fed 102,000 tummies."

She says the mission has made a big impact on her life.

"The best thing, to be remembered when you pass, that it's not how large your house was or how fast your cars were, but that you were always kind."

She will leave a legacy of love and kindness to others.

Wilkins says the need is so big that she is starting a capital campaign to build another location. For information about how you can help, visit