Pasco sheriff: Father kills man, daughter conceals body

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A Pasco County man shot his neighbor then had his teenage daughter help dump the body, according to sheriff's office investigators.

It’s a bizarre murder investigation that spans two counties.

Neighbors and friends at the Pasco RV Park in Zephyrhills said David Brady was a good man with a big heart. The 54-year-old’s body was discovered Friday night ditched near the side of a road in rural Polk County. 

“This is gonna make me cry,” said Tanya Dunlap. “He was my best friend, we were buddies.

Investigators quickly figured out the murder happened about 40-minutes away in Pasco County.

“Forensics was out here, and there were cars everywhere, cop cars, for days and days and days,” Dunlap said.

Brady’s neighbors, William Porter and his 18-year-old daughter, Celina were arrested late Tuesday.

According to court paperwork, the 50-year-old told detectives he and Brady were drinking together at Porter’s trailer when Brady started making inappropriate comments about Celina. Porter claimed that’s when Brady attacked him and pulled out a gun, so Porter grabbed the firearm and shot Brady in the chest.

“It’s horrible. It’s a shame. It’s senseless,” Dunlap said. “A man lost his life over absolutely nothing, nothing.”

Arrest documents say instead of calling the police, Porter tried to cover up the crime by putting Brady in the back of his pick-up and then calling his daughter to drive the truck.

Paperwork shows Celina admitted to investigators she helped her father get rid of the body.

“That’s pretty sick, it’s pretty sad, and I believe whatever they get they deserve it,” said Dunlap.

Brady’s hat, glasses, and a bullet casing were found in front of Porter’s house.

Officials tell FOX 13 News they’re still pushing to figure out exactly what happened.

“To shoot somebody and then grab your daughter and say put him in the back of the pick-up we’re gonna drive him into Polk County and dispose of him, there’s a lot more to this story that were still working, investigating.” Pasco County Sheriff, Chris Nocco, said.

William and Celina Porter are both behind bars at the Land-O-Lakes Jail.  William faces second-degree murder and tampering with evidence charges.  His daughter is charged as an accessory after the fact.