PBX-Change keeps residents at a Tampa Housing Authority apartment building connected with free Wi-Fi 

Baking cookies is a family favorite at the Gomez's home. 

"Getting ready to take them over to my mom," Vanessa Gomez said. "She enjoys them. Children enjoy them." 

Something else they're enjoying is free high-speed internet service. 

"It's not only my family. I’m pretty sure many people here are feeling the same way,” Gomez explained. “It's going a long way for the children especially the children. They needed it the most." 

Gomez and the more than 500 residents at Tampa Housing Authority Tempo at Encore Apartments are receiving the free internet service. She said she is saving more than $100 a month. 

"We can put it more toward kid’s schools,” she said. “We can put it toward more groceries in the home-Stuff they need." 

The service was provided by the communication technology company PBX-Change. 

"We want people to be connected,” Rebekah Nault, of PBX-Change explained. “To be able to make money. To be able to support their families." 

The community gets free service from PBX-Change for one year. 

"But we are always talking to them about how we can continue it," said Leroy Moore, who works for the Tampa Housing Authority. 

"How we can make this a permanent service to this particular community," Nault asked. “We love Tampa, you know. We live here, our offices are here and we are just so thrilled to support our community where we live.”