Pinellas County arts community draws together for mental health awareness

Stephen Oliver is putting the pieces together of his latest mock-up artistic creation. 

"I call it ‘Saw the Past and See the Future,’" he shared. 

Oliver is taking part in the ‘You Good?' campaign, a mental health initiative sponsored by the Foundation Working for a Healthy St. Petersburg.  

"It's great to be able to do something constructive during this period of time," Oliver explained. "I'm happy to be involved in that yeah." 

The campaign's goal is to encourage people who are dealing with mental health issues to realize there are resources in the community to help them. 

"Art reminds people that there is more to life than what we are experiencing at this exact moment," Creative Pinellas CEO Barbara St. Clair said. 

Three local Pinellas County agencies are collaborating on the project. Creative Pinellas, St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, and the Warehouse Arts District. 

"Artists touch the emotional level for people," stated St. Clair. "They either create joy, or sadness, or passion or happiness." 

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The artists got six mini-grants to make t-shirts, murals, postcards and even an interactive art piece. 

"As much as we are trying to do this for the community. It actually helps me and I am sure other artists feel this way too," added Oliver. 

A feeling that the artist hope will lead people to get the mental health help that they need during these trying times. Oliver says he will be through with his interactive art piece soon. When he is finished, the art display will travel throughout Pinellas County for all the residents can experience it.


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