Polk County receives unexpected partial shipment of Moderna vaccine

A ray of hope shone on Polk County Friday afternoon. The Florida Department of Health in Polk County confirmed it received a partial shipment of Moderna vaccines.

It had expected 12,500 doses to arrive the day before, but they didn’t.

Moderna shipments around the country have been delayed because of wintery conditions up north.

"So we received 7,000 of the expected 12,500 at least. Perhaps more. We’re looking," explained Department of Health spokesman Scott Sjoblom.

An unknown number of people in Polk County had their appointment rescheduled for late next week because of the holdup.

Any vaccine that may be missing from this shipment, Sjoblom said, will hopefully come next week with the department’s regular shipment.

Pinellas and Hillsborough counties were not affected because they use the Pfizer vaccine.