Regular sauna users may have fewer chronic diseases

Scientists say people who frequent saunas may be less likely to develop heart and lung diseases.

Past studies on the health benefits of saunas yielded mixed results, as they focused on many different types of saunas or were too small to assess long-term outcomes from routine use.

Researchers recently reviewed several studies focusing on the type of sauna used in Finland where sauna use is a part of daily life for many adults.

Using saunas at least four times a week was linked to a lower risk of many common chronic health problems.

Study authors say beyond pleasure and relaxation, evidence suggests sauna bathing may help reduce the risk of vascular diseases, stroke, and memory diseases.

This review was not designed to prove why or how regular sauna visits may help your health but the researchers believe saunas may help reduce blood pressure, inflammation, and arterial stiffness.

Further research will be needed to figure this out.

The findings were published July 30 in the journal “Mayo Clinic Proceedings.”