Report: Bay area at high-risk for natural disaster

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You have to admit, Florida is a beautiful place to live. We have beautiful beaches, palm trees that sway in the warm  breeze, and more sunshine that never seems to  quit.

But when Mother Nature decides to unleash her fury here, she can really lay some hurting on our state.

A new report released by RealtyTrac, a national organization that collects and publishes real estate data, re-enforces what most of us already know. Florida can be a pretty dicey place to live when natural disaster strikes.

New research shows that 6.7 million homes are at risk for natural disaster in Florida. Realtytrac looked at flooding, hurricanes, tornados and wildfires.

Miami tops the list of metro areas in the state with 1.9 million homes at risk. Tampa comes in second with 953,000 homes at risk.

In the Tampa Bay area, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk and Hernando are the counties at highest risk.

RealtyTrack also determined that Florida is the third most risky state for wildfires. California and New York come in at numbers one and two.