Retired astronaut's love of space and art featured at MOSI exhibit

It's an experience few will have -- working and living in space. 

Retired astronaut, Nicole Stott, explored a different frontier during her time there.

"I painted while I was in space," she told FOX 13. "I remember when I was floating in front of the window and looking at it from the space station it really looked like someone took a brush and painted a wave on the ocean.
I used water colors so that's a little tricky because everything floats."

Back here on Earth, Stott has partnered with the Space for Art Foundation for an exhibit at MOSI in Tampa featuring the work of fellow astronauts, scientist and engineers. 

"I just think it's really interesting to present artwork like this because most of the time when you talk to someone about an astronaut or a scientist they just think technical," Stott said. "They don't think this person could be using their whole brain."

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The work of children is featured on a spacesuit in the exhibit.

"A couple of the suits have actually flown to and from the space station so the kids got to see their artwork", said Stott. "There's a spirit behind it all that's very positive for me. It's allowed me to bring together my love of space and space exploration and wanting to share that experience also my love of art and to be able to work with these kids around the world."

She said it paints a bigger picture.  

"To me, it became a way that could help me share the space flight experience uniquely, get people interested in what we're doing in space, which is ultimately helping life on earth," said Stott.

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