Sarasota's Bello Nock will walk a wire over an active volcano

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A legend in Sarasota - known for his tall hair, laughter, and one-of-a-kind, heart-pounding stunts has announced the challenge of a lifetime.

Bello Nock is preparing for a wire walk over an active volcano.

At Nock’s home in Sarasota, achievements from his lifetime of entertaining fill the walls.

“On the daredevil side of things 14 Guinness Book world records; one of them is walking the high wire over a cruise ship,” Nock told FOX 13 News, adding, “This is just a small part of my life. I love inspiring people.”

The world famous daredevil clown says he’s ready to take his act to the next level with a wire walk over the active Erta Ale Volcano in Ethiopia.

“It’s basically a lava lake now. It’s 3,000 feet from end to end. I’ve got to walk 4,000 feet to get over it,” Nock said. “A lot of people have said this is the walks to end all walks. I said, ‘I hope not. It’s just the one to top them all.’”

Nock will train for his walk over the volcano at his home in Sarasota. He’ll start soon, making sure it’s done during the summer months because the Florida heat will help him prepare for the volcano’s heat.

“You treat a wire that is 1 foot off the ground the same as if it’s 100 feet off the ground. It’s one thing, to tell yourself that. It’s another thing to say when there’s no seconds chances, no safety, no backups.”

It's one of seven stunts that A&E will broadcast live with "The Impossible," which will highlight the world's best daredevils, handpicked by Nock, who’s executive producing the show.

“I love seeing other people doing well, too, and giving them the opportunity,” Nock said.

His daughter, Annaliese will attempt the highest wire walk ever, between two hot air balloons. 

“No parachute, no airbag, no safety, no tether no nothing,” he said.

When the series premiers, he wants the world to see what some think is impossible - can be possible.

“If it helps motivate people or find what your challenge is, that’s what I love doing,” Nock said.