Sheriff warns customers: Florida 'drug house' is closed for business

Photo credit: Flagler County Sheriff's Office

The sheriff of one Florida county wanted to deter potential customers after arresting a drug dealer, officials said.

On Friday, Flagler County deputies arrested 36-year-old Jamie Bullock after obtaining a search warrant for her home at 160 Lantana Avenue in Flagler Beach. They said they discovered Bullock was selling cocaine from the home.

Detectives said Bullock had other narcotics and faced several charges including possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. After her arrest, a sign from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office was posted in front of the home saying, “This drug house closed for business.” Just beneath it read, "By: Sheriff Rick Staly."

Officials said it is not the first time Bullock was arrested on a similar allegation. A search warrant was issued for her home in December 2018 after learning she may have been selling drugs at the same home address. Since then, detectives said she resumed selling drugs from the home. 

“She had a chance to clean up her act but she went right back to selling poison,” Sheriff Staly said in a statement. “Great work by our detectives and the Flagler Beach Police Department for staying on top of this drug house and shutting it down. Thank you to the community members who saw this occurring and reported it.”