State looking into possible 'Food for Florida' fraud

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Lines for the popular ‘Food for Florida’ program have stretched for hours as residents try to recoup money for food lost during Hurricane Irma’s power outages.  But it looks like some people are filling out applications for help, then posting ads on Craigslist to sell the food card meant to help them.

Ads from the Miami area suggest people are asking for $700 or even $900 for their cards, allegedly worth far more.

"It's just really messed up that they would do that,” offered Jennifer, who drove three hours to get help.

"Makes me feel a little angry because you have people that really need food,” another applicant offered.

The Florida Department of Children and Families oversees the program.  A spokesperson offered this statement: "We take our responsibility to be good stewards of taxpayer money very seriously and we will investigate all instances of potential fraud."

Investigators are actively monitoring websites, and the punishments are harsh.

First off, you could be on the hook to pay the money back.  You might even be disqualified from public assistance programs forever.

And you'll face criminal charges. It's a third-degree felony for both those selling and buying EBT cards.

DCF is trying to make sure the money goes to those who need it most, like Jennifer and her son Luke.

"We had a deep freezer full of meat and a fridge and a freezer inside, so I was guesstimating about $400."