Storm leaves Bradenton animal rescue flooded

An animal rescue in Bradenton is asking for help after Tropical Storm Emily left them partially under water.

Eight of 10 water pumps at Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue failed this morning, likely due to a lightning strike, allowing water to creep into cottages that house rescued dogs and cats.

The rescue put out a plea on Facebook, asking for anyone who could some adopt an animal and get them out of the stormy, wet mess.

“You see the flooding and you hear the thunder and the rain and a lot of the dogs get scared of that, so when we can get them into a home and calm them down, a good environment like that is helpful,” Rob Oglesby explained as lightning flashed in the background.

By noon, most of the water had receded but Oglesby said they still need more help to try and place the remaining animals.  Most of the dogs left were ones who need to go to homes without other animals, he explained.

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Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Emily was pushing off to the east after coming ashore along Anna Maria Island with 45-mph winds. Scattered bands of heavy rain are likely as the storm moves off.

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