Stuffed mason jars will make Christmas more crafty

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Mason jars have become pretty trendy over the years. Rather than stuffing Christmas stockings, why not stuff mason jars?

This gift idea is practical for anyone. You can stuff it with candy and chocolates. You can stuff it with sample-sized products and gift cards. You can also turn it into a candle. 

Watch the video above for directions; here's what you'll need to make it:


- Mason jars
- Acrylic paint (green and red to keep things festive) and paintbrushes, of course
- Optional: Chalky finish paint
- Cardstock (Or any other sort of paper with a similar thickness. You will need this for tracing)
- Scissors
- Pencil and marker
- Painter tape
- Fake snow. You can use Epsom salt, for example, to line the bottom of the jar.

1) Fold the cardstock in half. Draw half of the Christmas tree along the fold, then cut it out so both sides of your tree are even.
2) Overlap pieces of tape on a flat surface.
3) Using your cutout Christmas tree, trace the shape onto the painter's tape.
4) Cutout the tree shape. It can get sticky, so be careful not to rip the tape.
5) Apply the tree shape onto a side of the mason jar. Make sure to center it. Smooth out the edges.
6) Start painting!
OPTIONAL STEP: Apply two coats chalky finish paint. It gives a matte look.
7) Make sure your paint is FULLY dry before removing the tree-shaped tape.
8) Add your fake snow to the bottom of the jar.
9) Stuff it! You can also add a tea light so your loved ones can turn the jar into a candle.