Summer programs for children will look different in a COVID-19 world

Smaller groups, lottery sign-ups, hand sanitizer, and washing stations will be part of the new normal for summer camps and programs for children this summer.

The YMCA and Tampa's Parks and Recreation Department have taken very similar measures in making sure children, parents, and staff is safe.

“Last year when the parents came they’d come inside and check-in, this year we’ll be doing something like the school system, there will be a car line that’ll come through and when the child gets out of the car line we’ll be checking the temperatures of the child as they come through and we’ll be checking the temperatures of the staff too,” said John Allen, the recreation manager for the city of Tampa's Parks and Recreation Department.

There will be eight children per group and they will be spread out in large gyms.  The YMCA has a similar protocol to ensure kids are properly social distancing.

“There’s still going to be art, there’s still going to be sports, it’s just going to be a little bit different from the way they’ve done it in the past,” Allen said.

There will be a two-day registration period for Tampa's summer programs beginning Tuesday. Then on Thursday, sign-ups will be based on a lottery.