Survey: 1 in 4 workers plans to switch jobs, post-pandemic

The grass may be greener at another company for some workers after the pandemic.

A new Prudential survey of 2,000 people found one in four workers plans to switch jobs once the health crisis calms down, so companies may risk losing talented workers if they don’t change.

University of South Florida business professor Sharon Segrest said she is not surprised.

"People during the pandemic are realizing how short life is, and sometimes they decide, 'let’s look for something a little bit more meaningful and more satisfying,'" said Segrest, a professor of management at the Muma College of Business.

That means keeping that work from home life to stay put in their current job. According to the survey, 87% of all workers said they want at least one remote day a week.

CareerSource Tampa Bay’s Kay Jefferson said her office just made this change.

"That’s what we’re finding with employers too, they’re offering one to two days. If not, a lot of the customer service positions are completely remote, so I think it’s going to be great opportunities I think coming back," said Jefferson, who is the director of business services.

Jefferson works with employers to post jobs and helps workers find them. She said construction, hospitality, and IT companies are all hiring in Hillsborough County. But workers may be more selective.

"I think the time that we all spend at home before has made people very reflective, and I think they’re very concerned about work-life balance," said Jefferson.

What workers want evolved during the last year, so experts said companies need to get creative with benefits.

"Some companies are looking at sabbaticals for people, every seven years, giving people a longer vacation if you will.  And this serves to all people to get the rest and get a real vacation," said Segrest.

The survey also found that people are looking to switch jobs for better pay, concerns over advancing their career or even just wanting to try something new. Experts said the pandemic made some people want to return to school to learn new skills.