Take a ride on the wild side this weekend at Bone Valley ATV Park

If you like heading off the beaten track for some fun, Polk County might have just the thing for you.

The Bone Valley ATV Park in Mulberry has 15 trails and plenty of space to ride and their business is growing.

The park boasts 200 acres of wide-open fields, thrilling jumps, and exciting terrain for ATV riders to enjoy all year long. And the park just announced a new expansion, which will bring its acreage up to 335.

The land was purchased from Mosaic Co., which sold the original 200-acre property to the county in 2009.

This weekend a vendor will be out at the park giving rides to folks who want to experience the different tracks.

The park is located at 10427 County Road 630 W., Mulberry, FL. For information, call 863-428-0525 or visit https://www.polk-county.net/parks-and-recreation/bone-valley-atv-park.