Tampa artist customizing football footwear for NFL's top talent

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Next time you watch the Buccaneers take the field, pay attention to their feet. 

Some of the players will be sporting custom cleats, hand painted by Tampa-based artist Jason Hulfish.

“I’ve been doing artwork for about 20 years," Hulfish said.

But he's new to the cleats game. He started painting football footwear last season.

Hulfish spends between one and three days painting a single pair. He expects to produce upwards of 150 this season for players across the league.

Each pair is tailored to the wearer's personality and preferences.

“We just talk about things they like and if there's anything specific interest they want, and I put my creative spin on it,” Hulfish explained.

Gerald McCoy got in the trenches with Game of Thrones inspired kicks. 

Jacquizz Rogers had a pair made in honor of his mother's battle with leukemia. 

Kwon Alexander ordered a pair that glowed in the dark.

"They're not museum pieces. They're for people to enjoy and get out and use them. The guys like it,” he said. “You can’t wear cool cleats like that and not bring your game. I think it helps them,” Hulfish said.

His work extends far beyond shoes. Hulfish's portfolio includes projects for TV shows like "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and "Bar Rescue."

He creates spectacular themed rooms like the Elder Ford of Tampa playroom and the Brooks DeBartolo CHS library. Or maybe you've seen his paintings in the Brooks DeBartolo CHS gym or St. Petersburg Christian School gym. 

For more about Jason Hulfish and his artwork, visit his Facebook page or jfishart.com.