Tampa student accused of extorting Miami student with naked photos, video

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Police are trying to figure out how a University of Tampa student ended up with nude photos and video of a young woman in Miami.

Prosecutors say 21-year-old Magnus Sjoberg told the woman he would publicly release the photos unless she talked to him.

Instead of talking to him, the woman spoke to police in Miami.

Tampa police picked him up and took him to the Hillsborough County Jail, but their investigation into what happened is just beginning.

Investigators say Sjoberg sent at least seven Instagram messages, between May and September, to a student at the University of Miami. She identified in the charging documents as M.E.

The first two messages said "hello." 

In the third message, Sjoberg allegedly sent the woman a picture of herself wearing a bikini with the text "I have more."

Three days later, he allegedly followed through, this time sending the woman topless photos of herself. 

A week later, he allegedly sent his victim a video of herself having sex. Investigators say the video was taken when the victim was a minor. They say Sjoberg included a threat: He would share the video unless she replied to his message.

This time, she did respond. "I contacted the police," she said. "You can go to jail for about five to 10 years for this." 

Police say he immediately deleted his account.

Clara Reynolds of The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay told FOX 13 News victims of this kind of crime, commonly known as 'sexstortion,' can experience a range of emotions, which can be very traumatic.

"I was really impressed that she had the presence of mind not to panic and not to try to solve this herself, that she reached out to law enforcement," said Reynolds.

Police say the victim said she had no idea how he got the pictures or video, only that she vaguely knew him as a one-time fellow student at a school in Norway. 

Sjoberg's Facebook now lists him as a student at UT. Police say he lived in an apartment off Habana Avenue. 

The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay says it receives victims of cyber crimes several times a year.

"You can call the Crisis Center, dial 211, 24-7, and we can help walk you through that and help you think about what your next steps should be," Reynolds said.

The Crisis Center encourages anyone who calls about this to realize one fact above all: You're a victim.

"Just because you may not have been physically attacked, it was an attack of sorts, it was a cyber attack, and you may be feeling very vulnerable right now," she explained.

The University of Tampa student faces three charges: Extortion, stalking, and promoting sexual performance of a minor.