Tech-support scam victims can get a piece of Florida's settlement

A deadline is quickly approaching for Floridians affected by tech support scams to file claims for compensation through the attorney general's office. 

Following an investigation into several companies that used pop-up messages and impostor phone calls to trick consumers into giving scammers remote access to computer files, the attorney general’s office reached a multi-million-dollar settlement to provide restitution to victims. 

Nationally, more than 70,000 people may have been scammed. 

Attorney General Ashley Moody says those who were taken advantage of need to file claims by the December 17th deadline.

“We’ve had great resolutions. We now have $7.2 million ready to refund to people who have been taken advantage of,” Attorney General Ashley Moody offered. “We just need them to go and make the claim so we know who they are, so we can get that money for them.”

Victims of the tech support scams often gave remote computer access to fake technicians, who then could install viruses and malware on otherwise healthy computers, all while stealing passwords, account information and other private files. 

LINK: To file a claim, visit the website