Three shot attending wake at Harmon Funeral Home

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An already awful tragedy got even worse Friday night, as three people were shot at the wake for 19-year-old Sham-hya Turner.

Turner was killed December 13 in a single car accident on the Courtney Campbell Bridge.

The funeral was being held at Harmon Funeral Home  at the corner of N 40th Street and E Ellicott Street. 

Police said an argument, which started over the roles different people played in the crash that killed Sham-hya, ended with shots being fired in the parking lot. 

Police said the December 13 crash on the Courtney Campbell was a result of Sham-hya texting and driving.

During the crash, Sham-hya's 2-year-old was ejected from the vehicle. A passerby rushed the baby to the hospital after seeing what happened.

Of the three shot at the funeral - two men and a woman - no one was seriously injured. One was hit in the ankle, another in the leg and the third only grazed. 

Tampa Police Lieutenant Mike Stout was on the scene and said, "as you can imagine, it's probably the worst case scenario for a family that's suffered such a horrendous loss, especially right at the holidays. And as we know, there was a child involved in that crash, as well. For differences to elevate to the point that firearms are brought into play obviously there's no excuse for it."

Police were still trying to identify suspects Friday night. No arrests had been made.