Three years after Hurricane Maria, recovery is slow for Puerto Rico

This week marks three years since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, and still much work needs to be done. This anniversary comes after President announced Friday FEMA will be sending a total of $13 billion to the country to help with relief efforts.

"It's kind of getting back to normal in the sense that the stores have the supplies that they need and things like that. But in terms of restoration of things that were damaged and need to be fixed, that has not happened," Jeannie Calderin with Somos Puerto Rico Tampa said.

Since the storm, the rebuilding process has been slow. Some residents went a full year without full power. 

"They are supposed to fix the electric grid in Puerto Rico. I just hope that it's done properly so if there's another hurricane that comes that it can sustain the hit," Calderin said.

Jeannie Calderin -- with Somos Puerto Rico Tampa, a non-profit helping to rebuild -- is hoping this year Puerto Rico with be spared. So far, the 2020 hurricane season has been one of the busiest in years. At least  eight named storms have made landfall in the continental U.S. this year. If Hurricane Beta makes landfall in Texas, it'll be nine, which would tie 2020 with 1916 for the most hurricanes to hit landfall in a season on record.

"Puerto Ricans are very resilient and the Puerto Ricans that are there on the island are hoping for the best and I just wish things were done right," Calderin added.