Two life jackets found amid search for missing teens

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Thanks to nearly half a million dollars in donations, the families of two teens lost at sea are able to continue searching for them, despite the Coast Guard suspending their official search last week.

The two 14-year-olds, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, went missing during a fishing trip out of Tequesta, Fla. on July 24th.

The Coast Guard scanned the waters for a full week before calling off their search, but the teens’ families say they’ve remained “committed to continuing the search” on their own.

They hired a Sarasota-based company, Heli Aviation, who has since provided them with a possible update.

They told the families that one of their crews spotted two orange life jackets during a flight over Savannah, GA Tuesday.

They cannot confirm the vests were worn by the missing teens, but they called a K-9 unit to the area to investigate further.