Ukrainian refugees struggle to receive aid in the United States

Millions of Ukrainians have fled since Russia invaded the country in February. A growing number coming to the United States for safety from the war-torn country.

Seth Robbins traveled to Romania to help family members escape last month. His wife Inna is a Ukrainian native and still has family there.

"It was very hard for her to digest that where she grew up, and the people that she loves were now officially in a war zone," Robbins said.

Their loved ones entered through the Mexico Border where they received humanitarian parole which only allows temporary entrance into the United States.

"These refugees are in a very fragile position. They don’t have a way to replenish their income. They have no way to get work. They don’t speak the common language with the country that they’re in," Robbins said.

Immigration attorneys said this further highlights the ongoing refugee crisis and need for change.

"So maybe this time we'll be able to take some steps and to address this in a solid fashion and lay some foundation over here. So any time something like this happens in future, we have set a plan which we can execute to help these people," Neelofer Syed said.

The family is working to find an immigration attorney for next steps. 

If you wish to assist the family, go to and type for Oksana.