Video: Manatee and calf 'speak' through squeaks

In Florida, manatees are seen quite often, but hearing them for the first time can come as a surprise. 

In video, shared by the company, See Through Canoe, a mother manatee and her calf can be heard chirping and squeaking, possibly to communicate to each other while below the surface. They were seen spending 30 minutes floating around the clear canoe.

According to SeaWorld, manatees are capable of emitting those sounds underwater, and it is possibly produced through their larynx. 

“They seem to make these sounds when they are frightened, sexually aroused, or interacting with each other,” according to the SeaWorld website. “Vocalizations are an integral part of the cow-calf relationship. Cows respond to squeals of their calves from more than 61 m (200 ft.) away.”