Walmart is hiring 150,000 people; pay $550 million in employee bonuses

Retail stores like Walmart have seen an influx of shoppers during the coronavirus outbreak. Now, the retail giant says it is hiring more people to match the current demand.

On Thursday, Walmart announced it will be hiring 150,000 through the end of May to work in stores, clubs, distribution centers and fulfillment centers. The retail giant said it will be a temporary position at first, but many could turn into a permanent role over time. 

"We’ve reached out to industry groups representing restaurants and hospitality to facilitate temporary roles that can be a bridge for their employees during this difficult time," according to a Walmart statement.

The company said it will also expedite the hiring process for important roles, like cashiers and stockers. They said it is usually a two-week application cycle. Now, it will only take 24 hours to hire someone. The initiative will help those who were recently laid off due to coronavirus prevention efforts. 

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“We know millions of Americans who are usually employed at this time are temporarily out of work, and at the same time we’re currently seeing strong demand in our stores,” said McMillon. “We’re looking for people who see Walmart as a chance to earn some extra money and perform a vital service to their community.”

Those who are interested in applying can do so at

In addition, Walmart announced a cash bonus for hourly assosciates "for their hard work and dedication to serving customers in a time of an unprecedented health crisis."

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The bonus is for all store associates in the U.S. The bonus will include $300 for full-time employees and $150 for part-time employees. Employees will receive it by April 2. 

"In addition to that special bonus for hourly associates, the company will accelerate the next scheduled quarterly bonus for store, club and supply chain associates a month early. When it pays out in late April, it will help provide more cash in hand for associates sooner. The company will pay those bonuses as if the company achieved its first quarter plan. At the regularly scheduled time for bonus payout in May, that amount may increase for associates based on performance," according to a company statement.

Walmart said the total amount of money going into employee's pockets will be roughly $550,000.