Watch: Dolphin playfully swims around See Through Canoe

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A dolphin was feeling especially playful when he spotted a canoeist on the water off St. Petersburg, Florida Wednesday.

Michael McCarty, with the See Through Canoe Company, recorded as a dolphin swam side to side, front to back, around and under his transparent vessel.

McCarthy posted his video of the encounter on the See Through Canoe Facebook page.

"Canoeing with a friendly dolphin leading the way in St Pete, FL today," the post read. "There were a few other dolphin swimming along nearby as well, but this playful one seemed very interested in the clear canoe."

During the video, McCarthy slowed the speed for the moment when the dolphin blew water from its blowhole.

The dolphin also turns on its side as it glides past the canoe, appearing to make eye contact with his new playmate.