Watch: Drejka reenacts shooting during interviews

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A man who claimed he was defending himself, under Florida's Stand Your Ground law, when he shot and killed another man, was back in court Wednesday.

Michael Drejka's attorney asked a Pinellas County judge to help Drejka maintain his privacy. 

“[He] and his wife deserve a right to privacy just like everybody else,” said Drejka's attorney, Lysa Clifton.

She says Drejka and his wife have received death threats and are being hounded by the media about the controversial case. Drejka and his wife will be relocating from their Clearwater rental home in the next few weeks. The judge ruled the details of where they will be living won’t be public knowledge.

Meanwhile, hours of newly-released video shows the first time Drejka was questioned by investigators in the 'Stand Your Ground' case.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office released a six-hour-long video taken July 19. Drejka was brought in for questioning moments after he shot and killed Markeis McGlockton at a gas station parking lot.

"As I'm reaching and pulling around he's standing there in front of me," said Drejka as he described the moments leading up to the shooting, "as I come up he's taking his step towards me."

Drejka told investigators the incident started when he approached McGlockton's girlfriend who was sitting in a car parked in a handicapped spot without the proper tagging, "I remember her saying 'do I have to get my man' and I said 'what does that mean, are we going to fight?'"

Surveillance video shows McGlockton walk out of the convenience store and violently shove Drejka to the ground.

During the interrogation, Drejka repeatedly told deputies he was in fear for his life.

Drejka: Blindsided. On the ground, hard. 

Detective: So, he shoved you pretty hard?

Drejka: No, what it felt like is he come running at me.

"I'm thinking he's coming to do the rest of it," Drejka said.

At the end of the interrogation, Drejka mentioned the 'Stand Your Ground' law, "I did exactly what I thought I was supposed to be doing at that time."

Drejka was arrested nearly a month after the shooting and charged with manslaughter. After spending six-weeks behind bars, Drejka bonded out of jail Monday.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office also released around 400 pages of documents from their investigation into the shooting.

Drejka’s legal team said they’re handling his case pro bono. The lawyers filed two other motions this week seeking to declare Drejka indigent, and asking for public money to fund his defense.

“We’re not asking the state for attorney’s fees, we’re asking the state for the cost to assist in his defense,” Clifton said.