Watch: Gator growls at golfer on Palmetto course

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Buffalo Creek Golf Course has become a place enjoyed as much for its wildlife as for its putting greens.

Alligators, in particular, are usually sure to greet golfers from every corner of the course.

Back in 2016, golfers captured now-legendary video of the gator, known as Chubbs, sauntering across the course. Since then, many have spotted the massive beast and his many buddies who call the course home.

This week, John Garzon, of Ruskin, was greeted (read: warned) by an alligator in a pond on the course. 

The growling gator was likely letting John know the pool was full and to keep moving. Alligator mating season officially started this week, after all.

John said there were many alligators around the course, but this particular gator was especially vocal.

In a photo shared with FOX 13 News, John points out there are signs around the course letting golfers know to watch out for reptiles.

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