With supply down, Christmas tree prices are up this year

Larisa Nettles and her son spent Monday morning searching for that perfect Christmas tree. 

"Things are very hard. Things are sad. So it’s important to add that cheer and fun times and family into it," she said. 

They’ll be decorating it on Thanksgiving. 

"I just didn’t want to be without a tree and I didn’t want to be having a scavenger hunt," she continued. 

"If you’re looking for a good, fresh tree, come on. The earlier you get in, the better," said Kirt Helsel of Mike's Christmas trees in Riverview.  

Their stock is full now but may not be for long.  According to the American Christmas Tree Association, supply chain issues are affecting Christmas trees just like so many other things.  

Christmas tree lot

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Fuel costs, port congestion and extreme weather are all playing a factor in the overall number of trees available and their higher price tags. 

Mike's had to raise their prices by about 10%. 

"The shortage is, in fact, out there. It is not something the media just dreamed about," Helsel said. 

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It is also affecting artificial trees.  Their prices are also up about 20% to 30%.