Woman tells Tampa court how ex stalked, abused her

Monique Ellison says there is nothing harder than having to face the man who has terrorized you for a year. But she knows she has to if she wants to send her alleged abuser to prison.

Ellison broke down in a Tampa courtroom when the man who she says beat, stalked, and nearly kidnapped her was not accepting a plea deal - and she would have to testify against him.

Prosecutors offered Ellison's ex-boyfriend, Marquis Durham a plea deal that would have sent him away for three years, but he says he wants to go to trial.

Durham, prosecutors say recently violated his probation and a restraining order by showing up at Monique's workplace. 

It was at the Dollar Tree on Hillsborough Avenue where prosecutors say Durham tried to kidnap Ellison. She recalled the incident for the court Monday.

"He's trying to drag me across the street and he has me on the ground now he's beating me beating me," she said.

The violent confrontation spilled onto busy Hillsborough Avenue. Ellison was able to escape but she says Durham has been stalking her and terrorizing her ever since.

Now that the case against him is getting ready to go to trial, Ellison says she is ready to put her abuser behind bars.

"Every man that does domestic violence deserves punishment. No one deserves to get beat, physically, mentally or emotionally," explained Ellison.

The trial is expected to start next month.