Wounded Ukrainian soldiers being treated in Florida eager to get home to defend country

For wounded Ukrainian soldiers away from home, they're anxiously watching their nation under attack and yearning to get back to defend it. 

Revived Soldiers Ukraine, headquartered in Orlando, brings wounded soldiers to the U.S. for medical treatment. They'd planned a charity concert with the Ukrainian trio, Trioda in January but it was postponed until Sunday. The timing gave their music whole new meaning, emotion, and intensity.

"Ukraine is suffering," said Ariadna Boszko, who attended the event. "This is such a huge blow not just to the country itself, but to humanity itself."

At Epiphany of our Lord Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in St. Pete, a chance to raise their voices in unison brought a bit of comfort for those praying for their homeland and their loved ones.

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"Our guys that go in on the streets of Kyiv and other cities, they don't have helmets," said Iryna Discipio, President of Revive Soldiers Ukraine. "They don't have bulletproof vests. So, they are in big danger, but they are still going out and fighting for their cities."

At the event were two wounded soldiers from Ukraine, here in the U.S. for prosthetics and orthotics. But they want, more than anything, to be back home.

"The guys want to go on the frontline," said Discipio. "He has a family sitting next to Kyiv and the entire family's there, his children, his wife and everything, they are just hiding in the basement."

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"Right now is a very big price Ukraine can pay," Discipio said. "Will they live as an independent country or under Russian pressure their entire lives? And we don't want it."

As soon as possible, these wounded soldiers are flying back to Ukraine with supplies, anesthesia, painkillers, ammunition, bulletproof vests, and courageous hearts ready to fight against Russian attacks.

"We don't give up," said Boszko. "We stand for our beliefs. We stand for what is ours and we will defend what is ours and don't matter what no matter the cost. That is how every nation should be, We want to wish the best to Ukraine and to their heroes."

To learn more about Revived Soldiers Ukraine and how you can help, head to https://www.rsukraine.org.