Zephyrhills couple's Bahamian cruise stunted by Dorian

A Zephyrhills couple on a cruise to the Bahamas found themselves stuck thanks to Hurricane Dorian. 

After multiple changes to their travel routes, Matt and Julie Beinhauer said they hoped their cruise line had communicated better with its passengers.

The Beinhauers planned for a tropical getaway in the Bahamas, but were rerouted to Cozumel before they were supposed to return to Cape Canaveral.

Then they found out their return destination was changed, too.

“They told us when we left Cozumel again, we were in open water, that we're coming to New Orleans,” said Matt Beinhauer.

They Norweigan cruise line is going to charter a flight for passengers to get back home. At this point, however, their plans are all out of whack.

They were supposed to be back in Florida Monday at 7 a.m. As of Tuesday, they still don't know when they will be back.

Beinhauer admitted they did not purchase travel insurance.

AAA spokesperson Mark Jenkins said travel insurance, especially during hurricane season, is an important item to consider.

“It is really going to help secure your trip if for whatever reason your cruise is delayed and you have to spend additional money out-of-pocket to stay at a hotel, you'll get that money reimbursed to you,” Jenkins said.

He noted, when it comes to cruising, once you sign on the dotted line, you are typically locked in.

“Cruising is very similar to taking a flight; if there’s weather that impacts your itinerary, then the cruise has the right to change the itinerary. Their ultimate goal is: hold that sailing as scheduled,” he said.