Nash Rhodes

Nash Rhodes


Nash Rhodes joins the FOX13 weather team from Fort Myers, Florida. 

He was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and earned his meteorology degree from The University of Oklahoma, with additional degrees in broadcast, business, and a certification in Intelligence Studies. 

Nash has years of experience covering tornadoes and hurricanes across Florida's Gulf Coast. This notably includes Category 5 Hurricane Ian which directly impacted and flooded his former station during their coverage.

His early interest in storms was sparked by the frequent severe weather gatherings his family hosted, thanks to having one of the few storm shelters in the neighborhood. This sparked Nash's fascination with severe weather coverage and learning to analyze Doppler radar.

Beyond work, you can find him outdoors enjoying nature. Nash is fond of kayaking, playing tennis, and hiking the scenic trails across Florida. He is also an avid football fan and will always be rooting for his Tennessee Titans and Oklahoma Sooners whenever they play.

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