23 years later and the barbecue is still 'scrumdillyicious'

David Richard, an ex-teacher, has been eating the same barbecue for over 20 years, but it all started when he was simply trying to support a friend. 

Richard first came to Granger and Sons Bar-B-Que when a friend/ co-worker told him her husband was opening up a barbecue restaurant. That was the day he fell in love with the place. 

"I was just supporting Pam and Granger and their boys and oh my gosh man, it's just, it's just my jam," said Richard. 

23 years later and Richard is still coming back. 

"If you come into Grangers it's like family, I'm not b-s'ing. I mean it's really like family," added Richard. 

He thought it was only fair to share his favorite spot with FOX 13's Chip Brewster. 

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From steak to pulled pork to peach cobbler, Granger and Son's Bar-B-Que will not disappoint. 

As Richard puts it, Granger and Sons Bar-B-Que can be described as "scrumdillyicious." 

Granger and Sons Bar-B-Que is located at 8121 U.S. Highway 98 North.