Bored during pandemic, 6-year-old boy launches craft airplane business

At just six years old, Nicholas Bubeck has become a young entrepreneur after starting his own business while he was at home during the coronavirus lockdowns.

A simple arts and craft project turned into Arizona boy creating and selling homemade airplanes through his company website, Creations by Nicholas.

"My mom told me to start a business and she brought a huge box of crafts," Nicholas said, "and I made one plane and then my baby brother tried to take it away. So, then I made one for him. Then a light bulb came on and I said to myself, 'I should be selling craft planes.'"

His mother, Nadine, said he gets excited everytime he finds out there is a new order.

"I tell him and he lights up," she explained. "He wants to know who it's from, where they live, what they ordered, what color plane they want."

The planes can be purchased assembled or in a do-it-yourself kit that includes all the materials needed to create the toy.

"I love planes because they let you travel, and right now, during this coronavirus, I can't go," he said. "That's why I started making my plans so people can imagine they're on a plane going anywhere they want to."

Young Nicholas is also paying it forward. After spending the first part of his life in a NICU as a baby, Nicholas is donating a dollar from every plane to the Triple Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting families with infants in neonatal intensive care.

The Arizona native also established the "Kits for Kids" program, which sends free plane kits to any child personally impacted by the coronavirus.

"I love that, you know, while he's doing something to put some money in his piggy bank," Nadine said, "he's also putting it towards a good cause."