Busy weekend for elections officials and voters as Election Day nears

Photo by Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Early voting is wrapping up in counties across the Bay Area, and as Election Day approaches, Hillsborough County is breaking records.

“We’ve got 935,000 registered voters, and we’ve voted 58% of the total number of registered voters. But if you look at 2016, we’re at 90% of the total voted in 2016," said Hillsborough County supervisor of elections Craig Latimer.

Early voting ends Saturday for counties like Pasco, Citrus and Hernando. Residents in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk and Manatee have through Sunday. However, with early voting almost over, that means Election Day is right around the corner.

“You’re going to see a lot of votes," said Latimer. "Right now I’ve got over 545,000 votes that we’ve had between both by mail and early vote.”

Latimer spent Saturday morning making sure his clerks are prepared and ready for Election Day, handing out supplies and making last-minute preparations.

“The 235 polling sites, they’re run by a clerk. That’s the person in charge. So those clerks are coming by today to pick up the necessary paperwork, the electronic poll books, the ballots bags that they’ll return the ballots in. That’s what this is all about today," said Latimer.


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With historic turnout for early voting and vote by mail, Latimer expects Election Day will be no different. However, he says once the polls open, his clerks will be ready.

“They’re going to be ready to go out there and open the doors on Tuesday and have a great day," said Latimer.

To find out more information about vote by mail, early voting and Election Day, check with your local polling location in your county.