Charges for violating 'stay at home' order dropped against Pinellas Park game store owner

The case against a Pinellas Park business owner who was arrested for refusing to close during the county’s ‘stay at home’ order has been dismissed.

Galen Wood owns the non-essential business, Kitchen Table Games, and was arrested after the sheriff says he refused to close after receiving five warnings from deputies. 

The sheriff says he was also combative with them.

Attorneys for Wood say he was not breaking the law because he was only offering curbside delivery service. Prosecutors have dismissed the case.

Wood's attorneys have said this is a win.

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"I have no problem with the state attorney's decision. Sometimes an arrest takes care of the problem and the case should go away," said Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri.

Wood's attorneys say prosecutors dropped the case because of no information.

In a statement, Wood's lawyers said, in part:

“Mr. Wood was operating his business, Kitchen Table Games, on a curbside pickup basis. While it was clear that Mr. Wood was operating his business in a lawful manner Pinellas County Sheriff's office responded to tips alleging Mr. Wood was operating his business illegally under the Governor's Emergency Order.”