Children may soon be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

Officials with Pfizer say the company is planning to submit data regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and children ages 5-11 by the end of the month and barring anything unforeseen, Dr. Michael Teng with USF believes the FDA could give approval under an Emergency Use Authorization around Halloween. He says even under an EUA, the vaccine would still be considered safe. 

"It has to be safe first that’s the most important part of any trial," he said.  

While some parents wrestle with the decision of whether or not to vaccinate their kids against COVID-19, others are eagerly awaiting the shots, especially with kids back in the classroom.  

"We're certainly ready to get them in line for the vaccine. We trust the science," stated Bonnie Levitt. 

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"The kids have no protection right now," commented Allison McDowell. "We're at the most vulnerable point I feel in this whole virus with everyone going back to school."

Pfizer is also planning on submitting data for kids 6 months to 5 years by the end of October. 

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