Clearwater taking an artful look at city dumpsters

Most people don’t see a dumpster and think “art” but the city of Clearwater is going to change that.

“A dumpster is not traditionally beautiful. That's what we plan to make them,” said Juliahna Green, the city’s neighborhood coordinator.

She is helping launch the city's new dumpster art project, which will turn those ugly, old trash bins into something a little easier on the eyes.

“We want our community to be vibrant. We want it to be beautiful and most importantly we want our residents out here working to better their neighborhood,” she said.

Here is how it works: Residents or teams can submit applications online with their dumpster designs and intended location.

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Once a panel approves it, the city will provide all the necessary painting supplies. The project is for city-owned dumpsters only.

It is all part of Clearwater's Placemaking Playbook initiative; programs meant to improve and beautify the city, from the ground up. Other projects include stormwater drain murals, signal box art, and hidden rain paint on sidewalks. 

“The idea is, we're going to brighten up our street corners. It gives people a great way to get out, do a project in their community,” Green said.

For more information or to design a dumpster, visit