Durant High School holds parade for graduating seniors

It wasn't the graduation ceremony they expected, but it was one they certainly deserved.

At Durant High School on Saturday afternoon, teachers held a parade for 500 graduating seniors.

"This place has had a great impact on me," said graduating senior Gage Fuentes. "I love all the teachers, all the people."

Like so many schools, traditional graduation ceremonies were canceled as a precaution to keep people safe.

Instead, students packed into cars with their families and proudly wore their caps and gowns.

They circled the parking lot as teachers cheered and saluted.

"This is the last time we are going to be at Durant High School," said senior Sarah Humphrey. "It is just so emotional to all of us."

The moment was different than they imagined, but meaningful nonetheless.

“This is the best time of the year. Prom, graduation, senior days," said teacher Mikey Hupp. "They all missed out on that. It is super cool that they got to do this.”

Hillsborough’s 32 high schools canceled their May graduation ceremonies and have been offered dates at the Florida State Fairgrounds in July to hold alternative celebrations.

Click for link to Hillsborough County's alternative graduation dates.