Experience weird, wacky, wonderful Florida at Fairgrounds St. Pete

An immersive art installation in St. Petersburg invites everyone to escape reality and explore an interactive, story-driven experience of all things Florida.

Fairgrounds St. Pete is a 15,000-square-foot, artist-made environment that lets people choose their own adventure through art and technology. 

"The idea is to just take audiences and put them into a new world. It’s been reimagined by artists. The world here is inspired by Florida and all the different sort of stories: weird, wacky, wonderful dimensions that we have here in the state," explained Mikhail Mansion with Fairgrounds St. Pete.

When you enter Fairgrounds St. Pete, you’re stepping out of the Florida that you know into a Florida that you may not know. 

Participants can weave in and out of different rooms, each designed by different artists' interpretations. 

Some feel like a motel room and others will feel like you’ve stepped into something completely out of this world.  

"When people come to Fairgrounds St. Pete, I really hope that they get a sense of the imagination and creativity behind the celebration of Florida in a way that never seen before," Mansion said. 

For anyone looking to escape reality and explore weird, wacky, wonderful Florida through interactive art, visit www.fairgrounds.art for more information.