Hillsborough judge denies accused killer's request to attend murdered brother's funeral

Jordan Silver is sitting in jail after investigators say he shot and killed Haley Cox while filming a rap music video this summer

Haley's boyfriend, Erik Bronkowski, who was directing the music video watched in horror as Silver pulled out a gun and started shooting.

"I saw him shoot my girl right in front of me and literally I was in shock, " said Bronkowski. 

Erik says 20-year-old Silver then went after him too. He says he outran Silver, which probably saved his life. 

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 While Silver sits in jail on a $500,000 bond, tragedy has struck his own family. 

On Tuesday, Hillsborough Public Defender Maria Dunker explained it to the judge.

" I was contacted by Mr. Silver‘s father last week and informed that, unfortunately, Mr. Silver‘s brother, who he is very close with,  was murdered last Thursday," he said.

Jesse Silver, 22, was shot and killed during a botched drug deal. 

Now, Silver is asking to be released from jail to go to his brother's funeral. 

"That you allow him to be escorted to the funeral by the Hillsborough County deputies. Of course, he would have to pay for the services for that to occur, " explained Dunker. 

The prosecutor objected to his release and Hillsborough Judge Mark Wolfe agreed.

"Given the serious nature of the charges, the court believes it’s not in the best interest of the court for him to be released at this time, " ruled Judge Wolfe. 

Silver is facing second-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder charges.