Guedes denied bond in shooting of mother's tenant

Prosecutors say Peter Guedes flew into a jealous rage and nearly killed a man who was renting a room from his mother.

He believed the two were in a romantic relationship and he wanted the victim out of the picture.

Hillsborough deputy Ellana Oliver spoke to the victim, Murad Agagishiev after the attack.

"[He] said he was making coffee and Peter shot him from behind he just heard loud bang noises and he fell into the dining room. When he fell into the dining room, Peter started beating him," said Deputy Oliver.

Guedes is charged with attempted murder and now he wants out of jail until his trial.

At a bond hearing Wednesday, Hillsborough County Deputy Paulo Rizzo said Guedes' mother said her son confessed to the shooting.

"She advised that her son said, 'I killed him. I shot him in the heart. I know I'm going to jail and I don't care,'" recalled Rizzo. 

While Guedes' mother woke up to the sound of gunshots, she never saw what provoked the attack, something the defense seized on.

But the judge wasn't swayed and decided to keep Guedes locked up without bond.

The headline of this story previously stated the shooting resulted in a death. It has been corrected.