Hardee County enters state of emergency ahead of Dorian

Many residents in Hardee County are taking the threat of Hurricane Dorian seriously, having been through Irma much too recently.

Maria Melendez was busy buying hurricane supplies Friday.

“The last time I got nothing, today I got all what I need,” she said.

Jamie Louis was busy fill sandbags, preparing his home in case floodwaters rise.

“I just hope it don’t hit us like Hurricane Charley did. We barely survived that,” he said. 

Louis was also busy helping other families fill their bags.

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”It is kind of nice seeing people coming together especially a time like this,” he said.

Like several other locations, lines for gas began to back up. Deputies sat watch at some location to ensure everything went safely.

“I believe the citizens remember Irma too well because it was just two years ago. They're actually preparing,” said Jill Newman, Hardee County’s Emergency Management Director.

Newman told FOX 13 the county is currently in a state of emergency. Flooding is one of her major concerns.

“You know when your property floods you know when your house floods we ask that you heed any warnings we give listen to any official messages coming out of the emergency operations center,” she said.

Newman is also reminding residents that once the winds hit 39 miles an hour public safety operations stop. That means you could be stuck on your own.

“You need to plan on evacuating now because we are going to get rain you are going to flood and you need to have those plans in place now so when we pull the trigger you’re ready to go,” Newman said.

LINK: Download our Hurricane Prep Shopping List here.

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