Honey Baked Ham takes extra precautions so customers can still make Easter special

Easter will be a different kind of celebration for most families this year, but dinners may still be traditional. Honey Baked Ham is still operating and said it has not seen a loss of business. Workers expect the rush to start Friday.

The manager at Honey Baked Ham in Brandon, Jennifer De Clerk, said her store is taking precautions to make sure their customers feel comfortable in the store.

“I think people are scared to come in but they don’t realize that we have taken extra precautions to keep everyone 6 feet apart, extra cleaning, making sure we sanitize everything,” De Clerk said.

Glenn Fahringer says it’s a bummer to be this restricted. He is having a smaller Easter gathering than in previous years, but it will still be a celebration, even though it’s a small one.

“We don’t get together as a big family. It’s just a small group of us and luckily we’ve been fortunate enough to have our grandchildren with us for the past three weeks,” Fahringer said.

Michelle Chapman visits the Honey Baked Ham store weekly, but says Easter dinner is still special.

“Easter dinner is great because normally everyone would be busy doing their own stuff around what they do, but when it’s Easter, it’s a family thing,” she said.

If you are still looking for ideas for Easter dinner, you can go to the Honey Baked Ham website, call them, or just drop in. They will be open until 7:30 Saturday.