Mom who went into labor on plane returns home with newborn

Nereida Araujo is happy to be back in Bradenton, safe and sound. The mom who went into labor while on a flight to Charlotte has returned home to Manatee County with her newborn baby. 

"She's my little angel," said Araujo. 

The mother has a story to tell her newborn daughter, Lizyana Sky Taylor. 

"I'm going to have articles," she said, "and I’m going to try to put all the news stories on a drive. So, when she gets older, she can put it on the computer and see it -- her whole entrance."

At 38 weeks, Lizyana surprised her mom, dad and siblings. She decided to arrive early and while in the middle of traveling from Tampa to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. Before touching down in Charlotte, Araujo's water broke. 

"I was planning on her being my last child. I want to go out in a bang. It was having her in a tub, but then she decided she would be born on the airplane," she said. 

Araujo is now searching for a mystery woman. 

"She was in the back. When they asked if there was anybody on board in the medical field, she and my husband switched seats," she said. 

Mid-air, up until landing, that woman kept Araujo at ease. 

"She was timing my contractions, she was checking my pulse. She made sure I was OK and everything was going well," she recalled. 

Just barely making it off the plane, baby Lizyana Sky was born on the jetway. 

The baby and Araujo made it to Pennsylvania eventually. She was able to meet her great-grandmother, who was recently diagnosed with stage-four cancer. 
There's one more person mom would like her to meet. 

"I've been trying so hard to get in contact with the lady who was there who helped me out, but I can’t find her," she said. 

It was a baby's entrance that no one will forget -- and now a mission to help reunite Lizyana with her guardian on that flight. 

"Thank you. Thank you for being there," Araujo said. "I really felt safe with you. I would put my life in her hands again."