More delays, no trial date for teens accused in Bayshore crash that killed mother and daughter

At a hearing Thursday afternoon, Hillsborough Judge Christopher Nash couldn't say for sure when the case of two teens -- accused of killing a mother and daughter in a fatal crash on Bayshore Boulevard -- would go to trial.

“I'm not sure when jury trials are going to resume. I think October is the best guess,” Judge Nash explained.

Those words likely rang hollow for the victim’s family.​ For them, all the delays in the case have been frustrating. ​

Jessica Raubenolt's father, Bob Reisinger joined the Zoom hearing Thursday afternoon. He didn't say a word during the hearing but​ that wasn't the case last time he was in court.​

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Reisinger urged the judge to speed things along. "While our families spend our second Christmas without Jessica, this doesn't feel right. To be victims of a crime of this nature it’s very difficult to move forward without criminal justice being served."

Raubenolt and her beautiful 1-year-old daughter Lillia were killed as they crossed Bayshore Boulevard in May of 2018.​

Investigators say the driver of a black Ford Mustang, Cameron Herrin, was racing a Nissan driven by John Barrineau.​ The Mustang hit Raubenolt as she pushed a stroller across the street.​

John Barrineau (L) and Cole Herrin (R)

Now, more than two years later, a pandemic has brought jury trials to a halt with no clear path to justice​.

For David Raubenolt, who lost a daughter and wife that tragic day, every day feels like that day. "Since the unspeakable and terrifying death of my wife and daughter I have suffered every waking moment," he said during a hearing in December 2019. ​

Judge Nash wants to get an update on this case in two weeks and is expected to set a new trial date at that time.​