New evidence released: 911 call made by husband after allegedly finding wife dead

Ralph Wald beat murder charges once, but can he do it again?

Wald is now accused of killing his wife, Johnna Flores, last September. Six years earlier, Flores stood by his side as a jury acquitted him of shooting to death Walter Conley, who prosecutors said was Flores' lover.

Investigators said Wald killed Conley after finding the two together in Wald and Flores' home.

Wald later told detectives he thought Conley was an intruder attacking his wife and a jury believed him. Now his wife is dead and Wald finds himself facing manslaughter charges.

New evidence released by the Hillsborough County State Attorney's Office includes the 911 call Wald placed the night of his wife's death and gives new insight into what may have happened.

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Ralph Wald and Johanna Flores

911 dispatcher: What's your emergency?

Wald: There's something wrong with my wife.

911 dispatcher: Is your wife breathing at this point?

Wald: I don’t know, I don’t know.

911 dispatcher: Can you tell me what’s going on?

Wald: I don’t know what's going on. My wife is non-responsive.

911 dispatcher: Is she conscious? I know she’s not responsive.

Wald: No she’s not responsive, that’s what I said. I was in bed, she was out here on the couch. I came out, spoke to her and she did not respond.

911 dispatcher: Are her eyes open?

Wald: She’s like all collapsed over.

911 dispatcher: Is she breathing?

Wald: I don’t think so

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When detectives arrived that night, they say they discovered Flores slumped over on the couch.

"There appeared to be blood pulling around her feet and ankles,” a detective wrote in his report

Flores had been shot in the chest. Investigators say the same gun was used when Wald killed Conley years ago.

Wald has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He is back in court in September.