Pasco deputies: Road rage suspect shot, targeted wrong driver

A woman is lucky to be alive after a Pasco County man shot at her car, mistaking her for someone else in a road rage incident.

Pasco County deputies said Dakota Haber, 24, got into an argument with another person while waiting in a car line outside the front gate of the Swan View townhomes Tuesday night in Odessa.

“Someone in front of him was having some trouble with the gate. He told them to pull up so that he could try the gate. The person behind the suspect actually was a little upset that it was taking so long for everyone to get in the gate and actually initiated a verbal/physical altercation in this case,” said Amanda Hunter, a spokesperson for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said Haber then went back to his car, entered the complex then parked; however, Haber thought the same person he argued with had followed him, so he got his gun.

“He thought he knew which vehicle he was firing at, turns out it was a different vehicle,” said Hunter.

Instead, an innocent woman dodged death, and the bullets only shattered her car window and missed her.

“Very fortunate in this case there were only minor injuries from the broken glass. We could be dealing with a worse situation where there’s a death,” said Hunter.

The arrest report said Haber called deputies and admitted to firing several shots at the car, thinking it was someone else.

“Violence isn’t worth it. If you’re just trying to get into a gate, if it takes you a couple more minutes to get home or get in to visit a friend or what have you and there’s a gate involved, use that patience,” said Hunter.

Haber is in jail charged with aggravated assault, shooting into an occupied vehicle and carrying a concealed gun without a permit. The woman who was injured was treated at a hospital.